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Cast of Season 1

(top,left- Right) Kerry, Zara, Aimee, Ty, Leslie (bottom) Ripsi, Jodi

Welcome to the Bad Girls Club Season 1 WikiEdit

This is the first Season of The reality TV show The Bad Girls Club, that premiered on the Oxygen Network on December 5, 2006 The show premiered to the highest ratings ever in the networks history, being the first series to break the one million mark. The first season ran for 22 episodes, the season finale aired April 24, 2007, followed by two specials.

Cast Edit

Origanal Bad girls
Name Location Age Aimee Landi Forks, Washington 24
Jodie Howell Baltimore, Maryland 29
Kerry Harvick Nashville, Tennesee 31
Leslie Ramsue Atlanta, Georgia 24
Ripsi Terzian Watertown, Massachusetts 23
Ty Colliers Atlanta, Georgia 25
Zara Sprankle Cicreo, New York 22

Replacement girls
Name Location Replaced Age Deanne Witt Dallas, texas Ripsi 24
Joanna Hernandez Sacremento, California Ty 23
Andrea Laing High point, North Carolina Leslie 26

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